Chapter 3

My second day at VISUAL KEI SCHOOL started out with Atsushi catching me by the school gates.

"Hey Y/N," he called out. I waved and jogged up to meet him, much to the dismay of Gackt who had to keep up with me. "How are you?"
"Good!" I replied.
"Horrible." Gackt moaned. "Mana was better than Y/N."
"Who asked you?" Atsushi questioned with a weird look on his face.

I laughed and we walked into the school together, on our way to art class. Atsushi shared my science class which was lucky. Imai also seemed to be in this class.

We sat down together and then Imai looked at Atsushi's wristwatch and frowned. "It's 9:13! Our teacher should have been here ages ago."
Atsushi nodded. "I guess they must've run behind schedule."
"Haha! Ha ha! Ha ha!" Miura Ayme yelled from the other side of the room. Everyone else groaned while some snickered. Did Ayme do something...?
"What's his problem?" I asked.
"He's friends with Yoshiki, that's his problem," Atsushi snapped.

There was a period of silence and then the teacher walked in. It was Ruki from The GazettE. He looked very annoyed, to the point where he might snap any moment.

"Hello class... I'm Ruki, your Art teacher. Sorry I'm late, ah - someone hid my makeup, or maybe I just misplaced it... anyway, today we're doing a 'Getting to know you' thing, so you'll all be... drawing yourselves and your interests and stuff."

He walked around the class and handed out sheets of A4 paper. Most of the class looked blankly at each other, including me, and then they took out their pencils and started drawing - some less willingly than others. Nobody wanted to piss off Ruki though. I could hear Miura Ayme stopping himself from laughing the entire time.

I drew myself holding Gackt on a leash and Gackt looked over with disgust on his face.

"Is that supposed to be me? What's with the sparkly anime eyes? Why do I have wings?"
"You're my amazing handsome beautiful strong angel warrior Gackt! So I drew you like it!"
"I look gay."
"But I thought you were gay... I thought you were yaoi with Mana!!!! >_< are you NOT?!?!?!?" I reverse squeed.
"Are you in love with Mana?"
"Do you at least have a crush?"
"NO, NO, AND NO! SHUT UP! I'M NOT YAOI WITH MANA!" Gackt yelled at me.

Ruki stared right at me and Gackt.

"Y/N. Your pet is telling lies very loudly. Please make it quiet."
"LIES!? I'LL FUCKING SHOW YOU-" Gackt screamed and tried to leap at Ruki but I took the leash and pulled a struggling Gackt towards me. I then tied it very tightly to the leg of the table and he couldn't do anything but sit on the floor sadly.
"Now, that was quite entertaining, wasn't it?" Ruki grinned evilly. "Back to drawing everybody."

I finished my drawing and wrote my interest list next to it: Malice Mizer, Visual Kei, Caffeine, Music, Being Delusional, Fashion, Being Quirky.

"No way," Imai said to me, "I like being delusional too!"
"Woah, really?"
"Yeah. I like to think that Acchan actually likes me that way and that it's not just fanservice."

Imai turned red. Gackt looked between the two of us confused.
"Wait... why's he blushing?"
"Gackt you dumbass, Imai likes Atsushi."

Ruki came around to collect all our sheets. Then he shuffled them and handed them out again, explaining that we had to go talk to whoever we got the sheet of. I got Kaya's sheet. Kaya was very good at drawing. In his interests he wrote that he likes cats and flowers. I went to say hi to him.

"You're... Y/N, right?" Kaya asked me.
"Yeah. And you're Kaya? I got your paper!"
"Cool. Nice to meet you. I got Miura Ayme's paper. Let's go say hi to him."

We went over to Ayme who looked at us with a smile on his face.

"What a coincidence! Y/N, I got your sheet. You're a friend of Wajow, right? That's a friend in my books. Nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you. But aren't you friends with Yoshiki? Atsushi hates you for it."
"Yeah. And Yoshiki hates Wajow for being friends with Atsushi. So we just hide our friendship... it's not that hard. If Atsushi asks why we're talking just say I got your sheet, because after all I did."
Kaya's eyes widened and he turned and whispered to me. "Y/N, I think Miura Ayme is a vampire."
"What? Why" I asked.
"Look at his eyes..." I noticed that they were unnaturally wide and almost glowing. "And he has the aura of a vampire."
"Maybe. But I don't know.

We went back to our seats when Ruki told us to and then he told us we could nicely chat at our tables until the bell went. Gackt asked me to untie him, and I didn't want to but the bell went so I did anyways. I held onto his leash extra tight. You'll admit to the yaoi one day, I thought.

Kaede was talking to Gackt during break and I think at one point they handed each other something but I couldn't tell what. I went over to ask him. When I asked what he was doing, he whipped around and quickly stuffed his hands into pockets I didn't know he had.

Seriously, who took the time to put those pockets onto a PVC stage outfit? A real waste of time in my opinion. He'd only really worn that a few times on stage and in one film clip right, what was he even putting in those pockets?

Anyway, next class was English again. D13 was a nice guy and all, but I was curious as to how he qualified to be a teacher. The poor soul had trouble explaining the difference between a metaphor and a simile. At least he got there in the end.

In the back of the class, a particularly short and angry-looking one yelled out a shitty joke about D13 looking like a corpse. This earned snickers from his classmates, mostly Yoshiki and Miyavi, and especially Miura Ayme. Atsushi groaned and put his hands over his face, clearly annoyed by this whole display.

"Kyo!" D13 scolded.

The manlet looked up with a shit-faced smile which for some reason prompted his friends to laugh more.

"Please maybe save your jokes about me for when I'm not teaching the class."

Atsushi looked over at me and mouthed 'Help'. I shrugged my shoulders. Gackt looked like he was about to murder these people.

After class Gackt asked me to wait with him at the doorway. We stood just outside the classroom, waiting for something. I didn't really know what, Gackt was the one who was choosing to wait. Just as I was wondering what he was waiting for Miyavi walked out of the classroom and Gackt immediately grabbed his arm.

"Gackt!?" the guitarist exclaimed.
"Long time no see. Uh... we're still cool yeah?"
"Yeah, but... what are you doing in VISUAL KEI SCHOOL? Didn't you graduate ages ago?"

Gackt turned to me.

"Could you let go of my leash? I want to talk to Miyavi in private. I promise I'll meet back with you by the end of break."

I didn't entirely trust him, but it turns out Gackt kept his promise. He even held out his leash for me to take when he came back to me. I asked him what he talked about or did with Miyavi but he didn't really answer. Maybe I should have left it alone.

Next class of the day was science, and it didn't look like I shared the class with any of my current friends. That meant I got to socialise with new people! At my table there were three boys: two with black hair and one with reddish hair. One of the black-haired ones was really short - I think he was shorter than Kyo! - and had clown style makeup. The other had hair covering one eye and stared at me quite seriously. The other one with the reddish hair didn't really do much of anything, he was too busy looking to the front of the room.

At the front of the room was our teacher. What in the world, it was Hideto Matsumoto! The best rock star in Japan! And he was a science teacher? Well if I didn't know better I would've thought that he wasn't qualified but the again he was Hideto Matsumoto and hide knew everything in the world. I think.

He wrote on the whiteboard the word 'Psyence'. That's obviously not how you spell 'science' but it's a reference to his first album. I know that because I am very smart. He smiled at the class.

"Hello everyone! I'll be your science teacher! I'm sure you know who I am, but if you don't, I'm Hideto Matsumoto. Just call me hide, alright?"

hide clapped his hands together. It took all my self control not to cry tears of joy at the sight of Hideto Matsumoto in the flesh. I noticed that he was wearing one of those goofy LEMONed jackets like he had on in the film clip for Rocket Dive. Thank God he wasn't wearing those awful goggles. If he was wearing those goggles I would probably cry tears of anguish.

The short black-haired boy next to me leaned over. "No way dude, it's hide... I didn't know he taught here."
"Yeah wow it's really cool >_< I'm trying not to squee" I replied. "Anyways who even are you?"
"My name is Chill!" he told me. He looked frustrated. "Don't you know Kaneto-Juusei... I'm the vocalist..."
The redhead turned to me. "Yeah dude what. They have like 15 thousand listeners on Spotify. Don't you know them."
The other boy showed us all the Spotify page. "Izam please stop lying. They only have 9,972 listeners. You've said they have 15 thousand listeners since they had like 7 thousand, I don't get it."
"Shut up Kazuki," Chill told him.
"Yeah shut up Kazuki," Izam told him.

I sat there entirely confused. What the hell was with my science classmates?

The teacher cleared his throat and we all turned our attention back to him. He started writing something down on the board.

"Today in science class we will learn about THE SCIENCE OF WHY JROCK IS SO COOL AND SEXY" hide told us. "Today's lesson is called Y Jrock Is so Sexy." He wrote it on the board.

Chill started laughing and covered his mouth. Kazuki punched him in the shoulder to get him to stop but he must have used too much force because Chill's seat toppled over and he crashed into the floor on his side. Chill got up like it was nothing and kept laughing before Izam gave him a death glare and he stopped.

hide stared at us like this:

and then kept teaaching.

"The science is... that J-Rockers give off these these chemicals that nobody eles has called JROCHEMICALS. I did not make that up ignore how you wont find a source pls ^_^ but yeah JROCKERS HAVE JROCHEMICALS and the more they JRock the more of them they get. And then teenage girls see the JROCHEMICALS and they go SQUEEEEE and they fall in love and then J Rock gets Rreally Sexy and popular. That's the sceince. For example... me..." hide winked. "I'm sexy and cool and hot and everybody loves me. That's because of all my JROCHEMICALS."

Izam looked very interested in the lesson. He nodded his head and took notes very seriously. I wondered if he wanted to be cool and hot like hide too. I mean I did too but I didn't think I'd need to take notes on this.

When the bell went for our next break Gackt asked me if we could skip school. I asked why and he said to go shopping. I wanted to hang out with Atsushi but shopping is always fun so I said ok.

Once we got to the mall Gackt made me go to the pet store. And then I realised he didnt want to go shopping for clothes...he wanted the DOG BED i promised him!!!!! I did promise it to him I bought the smallest one. he complained and I said i Don't Caaaaaare.

Then I bought a super cute shirt with cats printed on it and went home. My mother asked me why I was home so early and I told her I skipped school to go shopping with Gackt. She was ok with this though because she loves me and is happy I have friends.

I put on a movie for me and Gackt to watch. We watched The Muppets 2: Muppets Most Wanted.

"Haha it's kind of like a date to watch a movie to gether like this...." I joked.
"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WOULD NEVER GO ON A DATE WITH YOU!!!" Gackt snapped.
"Heated reaction Gackt?"
"Shut up. I would never date you I dont like you like that." Gackt rushed to say. "Tch...."

He crossed his arms and looked away from me. I live with such a cute angel warrior T_T I love Gackt...