Chapter 2

I showered, put on the outfit Gackt helped me pick yesterday, and did my makeup in the bathroom mirror. By the time I was almost done with my makeup Gackt was next to me using the mirror to help fix his own (I untied his leash when I woke up). He was using my makeup kit and complaining about it but I didn't care. My hair looked awesome and I didn't even need to bother styling it at all. I thought I looked really hot and I knew I was gonna rock these clothes.

Along with the jacket and top Gackt picked out I chose to wear my skull print leggings and cool boots. I went into the kitchen and made some toast for myself and Gackt.

"Gackt," I called. "I made breakfast!"
"I don't need food. I'm too manly for that." came a voice from the living room.
"Shut up and eat the toast."

He grumbled and took the plate from me, quickly scarfing it down and putting his plate in the sink. When I was done I got my bag and grabbed Gackt's leash.

"What are you doing!?" he asked me, eyes wide.
"You're living with me rent free, I get to take you to VISUAL KEI SCHOOL with me."
"VISUAL KEI SCHOOL? Again!? I graduated! I don't need to go back!"
"You aren't officially a student... just my pet. They'll let me bring you."
"But Yurikooooo..." I already led him out the door.

The school gates were large but not particularly ornate. It was just a lot of black metal bars up and down in a row, like the fencing except open for students and such to walk through. Everyone here looked really cool, I hoped I was dressed the part. I really couldn't wait to make friends here at VISUAL KEI SCHOOL.

Some students walked by me and whispered to each other about Gackt. Of course they were, because they obviously thought I was really cool and privileged to have an angel warrior on leash.

I found my homeroom class and sat down. There was a man sitting next to me at my table with black hair and had eyes like a fox. The nameplate sitting on the table in front of him said "Atsushi Sakurai" so I assumed that was his name. His name wasn't bad, he has nice features and he had a pretty nice outfit, so we could be friends. Then I realised it was Atsushi Sakurai from Buck-Tick.

"NO WAY!" I said. "You're Atsushi Sakurai from Buck-Tick!?"
"Yeah..." he said smiling at me "you know me?"
"Duh..your band is the best ever second to Malice Mizer."
"I noticed you have Gackt with you..."
"He's my pet."
"I see. Well you look cool. What's your band?"
"Mmm.." I thought about my answer. "I don't really have a band yet. I'm looking for members."
"Well let's be friends. Maybe I could help you find a band," he glanced at my nameplate, "Y/N."

I smiled and nodded. Then the teacher yelled at the class to be quiet, and everybody straightened up and looked at the front of the room.

"Welcome to your first day at VISUAL KEI SCHOOL," he said. He had skeleton makeup on. Or maybe he was really a skeleton. No that's definitely makeup. Or maybe that's what they WANT you to think... "My name is D13 and I am your homeroom teacher for the year. I'll also be teaching you English. I know you are all new here and..."
"Psst! Y/N!" I heard a loud whisper from across the table. I turned around at it was the lead singer Jojo from the band The Gallo. "Is that Gackt?"
"Yes I am gackt" Gackt said lowly.
"That's cool. You're cool Y/N."
"Students!" D13 said sharply and we shut up and turned back to him. "In VISUAL KEI SCHOOL you'll learn how to be a cool J-Rocker and also get a sufficient normal education."

He went on for a bit explaining the system. Really it was like normal school but cooler. Instead of listening I talked to Jojo and Atsushi the entire time. I heard a particularly loud noise from the back of the class, and when I turned around I saw Yoshiki from X Japan with two other guys, and another one who had crashed onto the floor.

"Look out for Yoshiki and his friends," Atsushi told me. "Yoshiki is my worst enemy. Those three with him, they're trouble too. Miyavi from Due le Quartz, Kyo from Dir en Grey, and Miura Ayme."
"What happened between you two to make you enemies?" I asked. "You guys looked great in that one photo shoot..."
"Don't mention the gay shoot to him!" Jojo snapped. "It's not a good memory. You see, him and Yoshiki, they used to date. Then they broke up. And now it's like this, Yoshiki hates him and he hates Yoshiki."
"Wow. Intense."

Gackt nudged me and pointed towards the guy with Yoshiki who fell on the floor.
"Hey Y/N..." he whispered. "Isn't that Miyavi?"
"Yeah, Atsushi just said. What about him?"
"Ack...You see, me and Miyavi...we're friends a bit."
"Oh. Well that's a shame."

The bell rang and I stood up. First break meant I could talk with my new friends for a bit. Jojo said he was going to meet up with the rest of his band so I followed him and Atsushi came too because he said his bandmate Imai was going to be there. I asked about the rest of his band but he told me that they weren't going to VISUAL KEI SCHOOL and it was him and Imai's job to keep the band updated with cool JRock tips and trips.

The Gallo all arrived soon enough at the meeting point, which was outside the arts building. First came Andy, then Wajow, then Kaede then finally Nov. Imai was also there and already talking to Atsushi.

"Guys, this is Y/N!" Jojo told his band. "They don't have a band yet. I hope we can find them one! Also, they have Gackt as a pet."
"Hi," I said. "Say hi Gackt!"
"Hi Gackt." Gackt said sarcastically.

I tugged down on his lead so that his head was yanked straight downwards and he lost his balance and he swore loudly at me. Andy laughed at this.

The bell went and I headed to my second lesson. I had math but I didn't know where the classroom was so I ended up wandering around a bit too much even with Gackt unhelpfully helping me. I ended up behind a building and I bumped into someone.

Looking up, he was very tall. Instead of a done-up outfit, he had a standard gakuran on, and his straight black hair covered one eye. He had a guaze bandage over his nose and a red ribbon on top if his head, and staring me down he took the cigarette out of his mouth.

"What are you doing here?" he asked me.
"Uh, well... I-I was looking for my math class..." I stuttered.
"Get out of here," he said.
"Are you a student?" Gackt asked him.
"What's it to you? Whatever. Call me Uru. Now leave. Before I do something nasty."

I turned away pretty quickly and ran. That guy was scary. Luckily I found my class after that.

"You're late," the teacher told me. He had white face paint with a black vertical line drawn down the middle of his face, and he wore cat ears on his head. Wait a second! That's Uyuni from Pinokiwo!
"Sorry sir!" I apologised. "I got lost! Sorry!"
"It's fine. Just sit down. I was telling the class about the time I brought my charging hub to the venue with me and everyone begged to use it..."

He took a while telling a completely unrelated story before getting to the math, but then he taught us some basic algebra stuff. Wajow was sitting next to me.

"I didn't know you'd be in my math class," he said. "Mr. Uyuni's a real weirdo though, isn't he?"
"Is he?" I pondered.
"Yeah. I heard he's obsessed with Sega."
"Well he doesn't seen that bad..."

Gackt nudged Wajow. "Aye, Wajow was it? You know anyone by the name of Uru?"
"Uru? He's in the year above us. I was told by Jojo that he always skips his classes. Why?"
"We met him just now, and he was real scary... Threatened Y/N! Not that, uh, I really care about them. Just that he also threatened me. And I, uh..."
"Stay away from him. He sounds like trouble." Wajow warned.

Math class rolled over into music class where a cute guy called Yuriko was our teacher. Gackt choked.

"Noo, Yuriko! This is what I was avoiding!" Gackt complained to me. He sounded genuinely upset.
"Oh. What are you doing here Gackt?" Yuriko asked him. "Were you so bad in my class they sent you back to the first year to retake it? With a supervisor too..."
"Excuse you! If that was the case I just wouldn't have come!"

Luckily Yuriko ignored Gackt and started teaching. It was all theory, which wasn't particularly interesting, and I kind of fell asleep in the middle of the class. I woke up to Wajow trying to hit on Yuriko and quickly getting shut down by Imai.

I spent lunch by myself in the library. Well, it would be by myself, but of course Gackt was with me too. So it was me and Gackt in the library. I found a copy of the book "White Oleander" and started reading it. I think Gackt was reading a volume of Fullmetal Alchemist.

Next was fashion class, which really intrigued me because I had never heard of a fashion class outside of fashion school... the teacher running it happened to be iT from DazzlingBAD.

"No way!" I said out loud. "iT from DazzlingBAD!"
"Shut the fuck up," Gackt scolded me. "You're looking like an insane bangya."
"But Gackt!" I said. "I am an insane bangya!"

iT was very eccentric and there were jokes passed around about his lips. What interested me more than the class and the jokes though was the fact that Wajow was talking and joking with Miura Ayme, who I knew was one of Atsushi's enemies because he was in Yoshiki's group. Did Atsushi just not mind? Or not know?

The lesson was a brief description of different kinds of fabric. We didn't go over much more than than before the final dismissal bell went off. Finally, home time!

VISUAL KEI SCHOOL was double as weird from what I thought it was. Hopefully it would end up being double as fun too.