Chapter 1

I woke up, drowsily rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. Today was going to be a good day, I thought, because I had no school today, and that was ways a good thing.

I opened the lid of my CD player carefully and put in the disc to Merveilles, and then I got ready for the day. I pulled on on my favourite black shirt with artwork of birds printed on it and my black pleather skirt. I put on matching red striped armwarmers and socks too, just in case it would get cold.

I headed out of my room to get breakfast, making sure that the player was loud enough to be heard while I was there too. To my surprise my mother called me quickly, looking pretty frazzled.

"Y/N!" she came to me and grabbed my arm tightly. "There's some... men? Men, at the door. They're dressed strangely. They look nice enough... Dear, do you know them?"

I quickly walked to the door and opened it slowly, looking outside. I almost died when I saw who it was: Malice Mizer!?!?!? They had a string attached to the choker their vocalist Gackt wore like it was a collar or something.

"Hello," Kami smiled weakly at me, tugging on the string making Gackt look at him annoyed. "We're looking to sell our vocalist. He's too annoying and we won't be able to pay rent this month unless we get money somehow so we thought it was a good idea."

"If you buy Gackt sure," Kami said. Gackt looked really offended now.

Of course I gladly nodded my head and ran to my room to get my copies of all their CDs (I have 3 of every album and single they ever released so far except for anything from Klaha era because Klaha isn't their vocalist yet duh.) Then I opened my mother's wallet and took out all her cash and ran back to the door.

"Give me the autographs and all the money is yours!!" I said and handed them all the CDs. They all signed it and Gackt almost signed my Memoir and Memoir DX copies but Mana hit him over the head with a paper fan because he didn't sing in them so he doesn't get to sign them. Gackt growled quietly.

When they handed all the cases back I gave them the cash. Then Kami gave me the rope attached to Gackt.

"Hold on tight," Yu~ki said. "He might try to run away back to us and I don't want to see him ever again. He's awful!"
"Okay," I said. "He's kind of cute anyways. I'll be happy to look after him."
"You're going to regret that," Közi told me.

They shut the door quickly once Gackt was inside. I looked to him, he had his makeup done (probably to make a good impression to whoever was buying him. Lucky me, squeeeee!!! Gackt!!!!) and a grumpy look on his face.

Gackt huffed a little and crossed his arms. "What even is your name?" He sounded even grumpier than he looked.
"I'm Y/N," I said. "Have you had breakfast Gackt?"
"Y/N is such a lovely name," he replied sarcastically, ignoring my question. "What are you even going to do with me? God, I was going to leave Malice Mizer anyways."
"Don't worry about that," I said. "I will take care of you and make you feel loved."
"I hate you," Gackt mumbled.

I patted Gackt on the head and then my mother came back. The look she wore was like a mix of confusion, fear, and a bit of anger. She looked at me, then at Gackt, then at me again, then she just shook her head and sat down. After a second she looked up.

"Y/N, who in the world is this, and why have you got him on a leash?" she asked as kindly as she could, which was very kindly because my mother is really kind and nice to me.
"This is Gackt and I bought him!" I smiled, and Gackt turned his head away from me. "Malice Mizer couldn't pay their rent if I didn't buy him! Plus I have Gackt in my house! The amazing beautiful strong angel warrior Gackt with his super pretty soft awesome voice..."
"What did you just call me?" Gackt quickly snapped. "Angel warrior? Are you delusional?"

Gackt tried to walk away but then he got caught by the leash so he did that thing you do when you walk away with your headphones plugged in. He yelled FUCK!!!!! really loudly like in the Gackt plays pool and yells fuck video. I laughed at him.

Then he walked up to me and tried to take the rope from me. I swatted his hand away and tied the string to my wrist. Then he looked really sad suddenly.

"Y/N can you at least give me some water?" Gackt whined.

He looked so cute! And sounded so sad... I frowned at him and then walked to the kitchen to get some water and he followed me because he had to. My mother was in there already making food because I hadn't had breakfast yet and she is a very nice mother.

I filled up a glass and Gackt drank greedily and made some sort of choking sound afterward and then he went back to sulking. I smiled because watching Gackt get all miserable was really funny.

Gackt put the glass down with more force than necessary and glared at me as if to say 'what are you going to do with me?' I giggled and led him to my room.

"Help me pick an outfit for tomorrow!" I said as I opened my wardrobe and he groaned.

"Why the fuck is tomorrow so important for you that you have to pick your outfit sometime in advance?" Gackt growled.
"It's my first day at VISUAL KEI SCHOOL tomorrow so I need to look cool... duh...." I explained like he was dumb.

The look on his face was priceless, like he had just been told the biggest joke in the entire universe. His nose scrunched and his jaw dropped.

"Ewww, you're going to VISUAL KEI SCHOOL!?!?" he exclaimed. "How did you even get in?? Your style is boring as shit!"
"I bribed them with Malice Mizer," I said.

I turned to my display case and pointed to all my cool stuff like a guitar pick Mana threw into the crowd once and some drawing Közi did and a bunch of magazines with Malice Mizer somewhere in them. I'm the coolest ever (in my opinion) because I own so much Malice Mizer stuff and other people don't. I even own Gackt, squee!!!!!

Gackt took one look at my closet and then pulled out a long coat and handed it to me. It was black and had pink stripes on the sleeves, collar and back. Then he gave me a shirt with the logo for Buck-Tick on it.

"Ugh... this stupid shirt and jacket would be good I guess..." Gackt muttered. "And wear some like... shorts or whatever. With cute tights. Not that you're cute youre..youre Ugly."
"Gackt you're so funny" I laughed. "You'll learn to like me!"
"Yeah right....MAybe after I put my hands around your neck and choke you to death Y/N."

I walked out and ate my breakfast. Gackt sat behind me and acted like he didn't want to eat anything but he kept trying to steal my orange juice. After I explained that he couldd just have it he insisted that he actually didn't want it and turned away from me.

After I finished breakfast I tried to make Gackt watch Family Guy. Then he went to break the TV but I pulled him back with the rope.

"Do you want me to put something better on?" I asked Gackt.
"Anything that's not Family Guy!" he begged.
"OK well I have this copy of this cool movie..." I took out a massive 12 inch disc and showed it to Gackt.
"Why is the disc so fucking massive!?"
"It''s only on laserdisc haha...Soorry."

I set up the Laserdisc player and inserted the disc, pressing play. The movie started up and Gackt's jaw dropped.

"Waht the fuck!! This is Seth et Holth!!! I fucking hate gay people!!"
"Why do you recognise it so fast? they haven't even appeared..."
"Közi made me watch it because he says it's the movie that gave him his eyeball fetish..." he looked really sad. "It made me have gay feelings I don't like that.."

After the movie was over I turned it off. I didn't really know what to do.

"Gackt is there anything you want to do?"
"Run away and never come back."
"Anything unrelated to your escape?"
"Oh noooo I wanna go back to Malice Mizer now..."
"Let's go do something fun. Like... maybe we could get ice cream?" I asked. "My treat."
"Fine," he huffed. "Let's go."

I went back to my room and looked at my bags deliberating which to choose to bring out. I didn't know whether I should pick my cute white bag or black bag with red star patterning so I asked Gackt, but instead of choosing he told me to kill myself. I picked the white one. I put my wallet in it and we left the house.

At the ice cream place we got a lot of weird looks. Maybe it was because I was holding Gackt on a leash and we looked like insane people bringing their fetish into public. But I think they are the weird ones because not even one of them said SQUEEEE!! GACKT!!!! like they should have? The shopkeeper looked at us both suspiciously when she saw us.

"What Flavour do you want Gackt?"
"Wow....thats so Gackt of you. Two vanilla ice creams please."

The shopkeeper lady working there gave us our ice creams as fast as possible and told us to get out of the establishment. We went to the nearby park and ate our ice creams. Gackt seemed happy. The park goers did not. Gackt was staring at me really intensely though and it was kind of strange.

At home I locked all the doors and windows (for safety) and let Gackt's leash go and told him he could do whatever. I told him that if he tried to get rid of the leash or collar though I would throw him out of my window. He didn't argue but he growled loudly. Is he sure he isn't a dog...

I put on my headphones and started listening to music. Meanwhile Gackt left. I wonder where he went. But then my mother came in to talk to me.

"Y/N, do you think Gackt will stay for dinner?" she asked.
"Duh. He lives here now." I said.
"Okay. I just wanted to know how much to cook."

The day went by pretty uneventfully, but then Gackt came up to my room scowling.

"Gackt!" I said. "What have you been up to?"
"Nothing..." He rolled his eyes at me then turned away again. "Your mom says it's dinner time or whatever. She told me to get you."
Gackt actually ate dinner which was good. We had pasta and there was too much sauce but it was alright. Then I was tired so I decided to go to bed early so that mean Gackt should sleep too. I took him by the rope and before he could argue I was pulling him along with me.

"I'm going to bed." I smiled and tied his leash to the end of my bed. Realising he didn't have anywhere to sleep tonight, he whined.

"If you think I am going in your bed you are Mistaken. I am NOT sleeping there.." Gackt told me "Where am I going to sleep huh??"
"I'll buy you a dog bed tomorrow," I said cheerfully
"I'm not a fucking dog!"
"L + Ratio." I shrugged. "Bozo. Touch grass. Just sleep on the floor."

I went to sleep to the sound of Gackt continually insulting me. I can't believe I live with Gackt, SQUEEE!